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These CareerCasts from CFA Institute deliver career-focused insights direct from employers who discuss the employment outlook for their industry and function, the competencies they look for and advice on career development. So whether you are looking for your first job or planning your next move, subscribe to these podcasts. Download now, listen later, reflect at leisure.

May 26, 2020

With a growing number of industry professionals pursuing the CFA® Charter, the jobs market of the future will be increasingly competitive, as employers pick and choose from a deeper pool of highly qualified applicants. With this in mind, APAC CareerCast spoke with Rob Ramos, CFA who is Senior VP, Trust Officer, and CIO at East West Bank in Manilla to find out what makes a candidate stand out from the crowd in the Philippines, one of Asia’s fastest-expanding financial markets. Rob discusses how he identifies the strongest aspirants by focusing on a person’s willingness to learn, grow, and improve but also the interview mistakes that can derail any candidate.